Autumn exhibitions 2015. Art fair in Amsterdam
Autumn exhibitions 2015. Autumn salon in Paris on the Champs Elysée

Interestingly, the most interesting of the latest events is more exact.
First, it is an exhibition of new works.
Secondly, an enamel exhibition on steel, big.
Thirdly, the exhibition organized by the museum of the city at the high level international where fresh works of artists from all countries of Europe are presented. About the organization strongly differs from exhibitions in Rostov the Kremlin and Moscow which passed this summer. It worked one and a half months, but not 2 days, as in Rostov. There were real actors at opening, there was a conference, on which all participants of poll something new about enamel and communications, plans as result. Well and the most important – absolutely other atmosphere, other attitude towards artists. From, where such scale? – you ask. I don’t know, with money today in general it is bad, but they found.
It was interesting to me to study this an exhibition. The main attention of artists is concentrated on material, its wealth here. There was a wide choice in the technician, receptions, a manner. An exhibition it is very useful, I recommend.
Триеннале эмали в городе Фридек Мистек-(Чехия)

Triennial exhibition of enamel in the city of Fridek Mistek-(Czech Republic)

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