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Everyone knows what junk is and why it is not clear why to collect it? Some absurdity! But think, what was this stuff like 100 years ago? Is not every thing after some time a junk? And it does not turn out that the essence is not in the thing itself, but in our attitude towards it. Today, it’s coveted and it’s not junk, and tomorrow we do not really need it. And this is junk? Is it not so with the life of man? While he is alive, this is one thing. Died, dripped, forgotten – something else. And maybe this is what happens to the history of this man. For him, his life is not junk at all. But the man died and what happened to his life story?


Коллекция барахла

Our collection of junk is a home museum of household things presented to us by citizens. The main thing in them is the memory of these people, about their time, joys and suffering. This is our story with you, the history presented in these subjects. Every thing was long in someone’s hands. These are living witnesses of that life that has passed away. It’s a memory. Here you can really touch the past, the history of Rostov. To understand how people lived, to feel the fragrance of time. Our collection is different from the museum exposition. There things selected, having historical, artistic value. Here – only witnesses of the past. We can take this thing in our hands, hold it. Try to use it or work, plunge in another time …

In general, our collection presents more than 200 different items used by townspeople during the 19th – 20th centuries. There are also older things. The exposition is arranged as if it were the room of a beautiful girl-light-girl. It shows the entire cycle of creating clothes at the turn of the 19 – 20 centuries in Rostov Veliky: spinning wheels, weaving and knitting machines, sewing machines. And of course clothes, lace.

The entrance to our museum is free. We are grateful to everyone who supports the museum with their donations.


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