Biography of Mikhail Selishchev

Mikhail Selishchev

Mikhail Selishchev was born in Livny (Oryol region) in 1962.

2016 Silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts.

2015 First Prize of the Salon d’Automne in Paris

2014 The main prize of the International Chemadok Festival in Nesvadi (Slovakia).

2012 First Prize, “LibrArt – 2012” (Belgium)

2005, 2007 Diploma of the 4th and 5th International Biennale “World Enamel” Salou (Spain).

2004 Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts.

1995 Creates the Khors House of Arts.

1988–1991 Work in the workshops of the Art Fund of the Art Fund of the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk Territory, Russia.

1988 Graduation project “Artistic stained-glass windows for the Kiev metro”.

1982-1988 Studied at the Moscow State Art Institute V.I.Surikov.

1978–1982 Studying at the Art School in memory of 1905 at the theater faculty.

1974-1978 Studying at the Moscow Art School at the Moscow Art Institute V.I.Surikov.

Solo exhibitions

2021 “Road-Gogol” Museum of V. Vysotsky, Moscow

2020 “Art things”: enamels, watercolors, acrylics “A.S. Pushkin Museum, Moscow.

2019 “Earth and Sun” gallery “Khors” (Czech Republic), “A quarter of a century” gallery “Khors” Rostov, “From the life of insects” V. Vysotsky Museum, Moscow.

2018 “From the life of insects” dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Nikolai Oleinikov, gallery “Khors” (Czech Republic).

2017 “Metamorphoses”, Jachymov (Czech Republic), “On the road”, Rostov (Russia), “The movement of the elements”, Weimar (Germany).

2016 Enamel exhibition in Prague (Czech Republic), “Metamorphosis” in Rostov (Russia), exhibition of enamel in Jáchymov (Czech Republic),  “Enamel” in Weimar (Germany), “Trojan trace” enamel exhibition in Ekaterinburg (Russia)

2015 “Trojan track”, gallery Vinogradov, Berlin,  “The enamel exhibition of Mikhail Selishchev” – Gallery at the Golden Rooster, Prague

2014 “Trojan track”, Central House of Artists, Moscow

2013 “Among Angels”, Moscow

2008 “The Art of Enamel”, Rostov; «Enamel” Vienna (Austria)

2007 “Movement of Elements”, Rostov; “”Enamel” (Germany)

2006 “The Space of Myth”, Cherepovets; “Shining Enamel”, Vologda

2005 “Children of the Sun”, Lima (Peru); “Selected works”, Yaroslavl; “Children of the Sun”, Rostov

2004 “Useless objects”, Torredembarra (Spain), Rostov, Moscow; “Wooden history”, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2003 “Useless objects”, Central House of Artists, Moscow; “The Bird of Happiness”, Art-Trophy, Moscow

2002 Kostroma, Tula, Orel, Moscow, Rostov (Russia), Vienna (Austria)

1999 Oslo (Norway), Cherepovetz, Helsinki (Finland), Rostov

1998 Vladimir

1997 Alexandrov, Rostov

1996 Kaliningrad

1994–1996, 1999–2001 Central House of Artists, Moscow


2019 “The Seal of Time” I. Golyakov and M. Selishchev (wood/enamel), “Dew Point” P. Matveeva and M. Selishchev (ceramic/enamel), “Dialogue” A. Butina and M. Selishchev (glass/enamel) gallery “Khors”, Rostov; “08.19” exhibition of the participants in the enamel symposium Y. Alexandrova, A. Ariskina, S. Vasiliev, M. Selishchev.

2018 Art fair “Libr-Art 2018” (Belgium), “Glass and metal” exhibition of enamel Meghan Salgaonkar and Mikhail Selishchev, gallery “Carpe Diem” (Goa, India); project “Bauhaus Traces and Testimonies in Russia” Perm, Rostov, Weimar, 2018 – 2019.

2017 “Re.Form” Germany (the 17th symposium of enamel in Erfurt), “22” Russia.

2016 “Mediterranea” at international art CKI groupin Barcelona (Spain); “ArtExpo May Barcelona” (Spain), International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Prague, First Triennial DPI in Yekaterinburg, IV of the biennale of enamel in Chile

2015 First Biennale in Urbino,(Italy); Second Moscow exhibition of enamel; ART EXPO MILAN (Italy); The second festival of enamel in Rostov Veliky; «ESSENCE» exhibition of symposium participants on enamel in Erfurt, (Germany); Art Fair in Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Eighth Triennial enamel in Mestek (Czech Republic); Autumn Salon in Paris (France)

2014 Spring Salon in Paris “Artek” (France), Moscow Spring Exhibition of decorative art, “What is art?” Russian-French exhibition “Artek” in the Moscow Museum of Ostrovsky and Rostov, gallery “Khors”, International exhibition of enamel Nesvadi, Slovakia (June),”Through the Looking Glass, the game mirrors” Yaroslavl,   International exhibition of portraits of animals, Beauregard (France), Autumn Salon in Paris,

2013 Biennale of Contemporary Art “Artec” in Paris (France)
International exhibition of enamel, Moscow
Contemporary art exhibition of enamel, Ravenstein (The Netherlands),
International Festival of the portrait at the Chateau de Beauregard “Artec “(France),
The International Contemporary Art exhibition in Gubbio “Artec”( Italy),
The Second International Festival of enamel in Kiev (Ukraina),
“Playing with Fire “, exhibition of enamel in the project “Reliefs color” gallery “Sterh”, Surgut (Russia)
2012 Art project “Russian vertograd ” in Rostov (Russia),
“Art Gallery . Kazan -2012 “,
“Masters of Russia “, Moscow,
“LibrArt—2012”, the international art fair in Libramont (Belgium)

2011 “Art Gallery. Kazan -2011″

2010 “Art Gallery. Kazan – 2010»;  “Spring Exhibition of decorative art, Moscow; Art Colony in Bosnia;” Kenart-north of the equator, Kenozersky National Park; “History. Line. Symbol “, international exhibition, Rostov; Plein Air in Serbia, Mount Rayats; Biennale art enamel, Valkensvard, (Netherlands); International Competition work performed in the technique of enamel art, Catalan Academy of Art in Barcelona (Spain)

2009 “White Christmas”, Moscow; “The St. Petersburg meeting”, St. Petersburg, Moscow; the 1st International festival of enamel in Ukraine, Kiev; Exhibition of arts and crafts, “Dialog”, Moscow; “Enamel of Russia”, Ravenstein (Netherlands), Deidesheim (Germany)

2008 Exhibition of the symposium enamel in Vladikavkaz; Land art project “Reflections”, Kenozersky National Park

2007 “Art in Action”, Oxford (UK); “The Art of Enamel”, St. Petersburg, Project “Alphabet”, Rostov; the 5th International Biennial of Enamel, Salou (Spain), an honorary diploma of the jury

2006 The Moscow exhibition of arts and crafts, Moscow; the 2nd International Biennial of Enamel “New Wave”, Tbilisi (Georgia), “Rostov—the Soul of Russia”, New Delhi, Nagar (India)

2005 “Golden Hands of Masters”, Moscow; the 4th International Biennial of Enamel, Salou (Spain), an honorary diploma of the jury; the Exhibition on 60th Anniversary of the Great Victory Day, Moscow; Anniversary Exhibition dedicated to 750th Anniversary of Kaliningrad; “Exhibition of Artistic Enamel”, Plyos; Exhibition of members of the International Symposium on enamel, Rostov; Russian anniversary Exhibition “60 Years of the Great Victory”; Russian Exhibition of decorative art, Moscow

2004 “Artsalon—2004″, Moscow; “Rostov Enamel”, Russian Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania); “LibrArt—2004”, Libramont, (Belgium); “Artists from Around the World” International Art Exhibition in  Vienna (Austria)

2001 Exhibition of enamel in Chertanovo Gallery (Moscow); Bombay (India), Vienna (Austria), Salzburg (Austria); International Exhibition of Enamel, New Delhi (India)

2000 International Festival of enamel in Russian Exhibition Center of Science and Culture, Delhi, Bombay, Madras (India)

1999 International exhibition of enamel, Deidesheim (Germany), Milan (Italy), Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

1996 “Modern Art of Metal and Stone”, Sergiyev Posad

1993–1995 International exhibition of enamel, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl

1992 Republican exhibition, Moscow

1991 Republican exhibition of monumental paintings, Chelyabinsk

1990 the 7th Art exhibition “The Soviet Far East”, Yakutsk

1989 Exhibition of diplomas, Minsk

1982 VDNH, the bronze medal of the USSR, Moscow


2015 International Symposium on enamel «ESSENCE» Erfurt (Germany)

2014 International Symposium on enamel, Friedland nad Ostravici (Czech Republic); International Land Art Symposium “Mysteries of life – from antiquity to the present day,” Gánovce (Slovakia)

2013 International Symposium on enamel, Friedland nad Ostravici (Czech Republic); International Land Art Symposium “Mystery Hunt”, Gánovce (Slovakia)

Master Classes

2019 Rostov “100 years of the Bauhaus”

2010-2016 Rostov Veliky

2013 Surgut

2009 Germany, Ukraine

2008 Germany

2007 Rostov

2006 UK

2005 Rostov

His works of art are a part of museums’ collections in cities

Khabarovsk, Kaliningrad, Alexandrov, Rostov, Moscow, Vologda, Surgut (Russia), Kecskemet (Hungary), Deidesheim (Germany), Salou (Spain), Kiev (Ukraine), Nesvade (Slovakia), and also in private collections in Russia and abroad.


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  • Salon D Automne Paris 2014
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  • Михаил Селищев, «Хорс» – картинная галерея, домашний музей. Хроника десяти лет жизни со Змей Горыныч, 2005, ISBN 5-98113-006-7
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