The mobil art enamel symposium



The international enamel symposium “The mobile art enamel symposium

The non-profit project. 



In the modern world, artistic enamel is well known. Each country has its own traditions and preferences. The artist is interested to get acquainted with different traditions and thereby enrich his technique. Based on this, we will organize one mobile symposium in different countries in turn. At the same time we organize exhibitions. There is a diverse exchange of skills and information. Each symposium is an event to which you can attract viewers.


The duration of one symposium is from 5 to 14 days. Symposiums can alternate one after another throughout the year. The duration of the project is unlimited. It will depend on the success of the project and the desire of each participant to support this process.

 How it will work.

The project involved artists from different countries. From one country to one or two participants. From each place – one participant. Participation of 2 or 3 different places of the same country is allowed. The possibility of the participation of two or more artists from one place is negotiated separately. Each participant is a guest in a foreign country and organizer in his own. The participant undertakes to organize and hold a symposium and exhibition in his country in relation to other artists. In each country there can be different conditions: someone can organize a symposium for 5, someone for 8. Someone has conditions for living, some have none. Therefore, every artist who wants to participate in the project offers its terms and program. It is important that the conditions are balanced and the contribution of each is approximately equivalent.


In today’s political environment, it is difficult to find a fund that can finance an international project. Therefore, I propose to solve this problem by small means by myself. Someone can find cheap comfortable housing, someone has sponsors, someone has other resources.

Each participant to participate and organize a symposium independently finds financial resources in his country. From the experience of the first symposium in India, it became obvious that an organizational fee was needed. To hold a symposium for one artist is completely financially difficult. I offer 100 euros for a symposium in Russia. This amount goes only to the preparation of the symposium and is not the income of the artist. Thus, the expenses of each participant will consist of a registration fee of 100 euros and payment for the air ticket, transfer, meals, visits to museums and other events. Such was the situation in India: 100 euros of the registration fee, room and board until the end of the exhibition, 200 euros, 500 euros – air ticket. Accordingly, in each country, these amounts will vary.


a) exchange of experience between artists b) acquaintance with local traditions of enamel and life c) presentation of their creativity in new conditions d) increase in sales e) involvement of new participants from different countries in the project and expansion of geography.


Promoting the art of enamel, attracting the media, viewers and collectors.

To start the development of the project, I invite all interested artists in the project to fill out a questionnaire and, if desired, to supplement it with their positions.

Possible number of jobs.
Possibility of accommodation arrangement – conditions / cost
Approximate cost of food per day.
The duration of the symposium.
The availability of materials, the possibility to order them, the cost.
The time of the symposium.
Possibility of organizing an exhibition, cost.
The approximate cost of a transfer from the airport to the place.

You must specify the total costs for the guest (excluding air ticket) and the size of the registration fee for the organizer.

Project participants:

Mikhail Selishchev (Russia)

conditions of the symposium:

Venue – Khors Art Gallery Rostov Veliky, Russia, 250 km from Moscow Airport

Duration of the exhibition 9 days

The number of participants is 5-6 people one or two artists from the country.

Time – August 2019

Venue – Khors Art Gallery Rostov Veliky, Russia.

The admission fee is € 100. It includes expenses: issuing an invitation for a visa to the Moscow police, publishing an exhibition catalog, organizing and advertising the exhibition, placing artists in single-double rooms, tea and coffee, working in a workshop, and working the oven from 10 to 19 hours. Posting information on the Internet.

The registration fee is not included and paid separately: visiting museums, transfer from the airport to Rostov and back, meals, visits to the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia.

transfer – 40 -50 euros
meals 10-20 euro per day, approximate consumption for a guest 200-300 euro

Oven size 27cms (W) x 45cms (D) x 10cm (H)